Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cards For Rhys Williams

Well the little guy that stole my heart has now also stole my sleep and train of thought since this coming week he will be having his G-tube operation amongst other things done at Birmingham Hospital, UK. I will be blogging his story so be sure to keep a look out for it....

I have created a page on behalf of the family to get some much needed cheer-me-up for Rhys, remember he is 7yr old with RDEB. You can also donate towards travel and living expenses for Rhys & his mummy as being away from home for 5 days will cripples their already low budget. Grandma is joining them as Daddy must stay home with their new baby Teegan.

Every £1.00 will help And every card will show Rhys how much he is loved by all. Having been through so much in his short life and now this... but we are hoping that having this fitted will get all the nutrients in him, making him healthier, which then will show in his skin. Please keep them all in your thoughts this coming week and always!

Please visit: Cards For Rhys

Sunday night snuggles with Rhys:

A quick update as just realized i hadn't posted here for a while:

Thank you to everyone for Rhys's well wishes some of u want to know what happened well ere goes.. we went down Monday he had a bath and the dermatologist said his skin was good to go ahead. So Tuesday mid morning Rhys was taken down to surgery and put to sleep about half an hour later I got a call from the ward asking me to go bk up where I was greeted by all who was looking after Rhys. Of course my heart sank :( but the dermatologist (who had said his skin was good) had decided once he was put to sleep that his skin was to bad. So my baby was put to sleep for no reason needless to say I was livid and I did voice my opinion and will be doing it again. He his due his op again in march/april.. once again thank you to everyone. Xx

This page will remain open until he has the surgery so feel free to share and continue to send cards ~ Sue @ TBN.

"My Bath time"


Much love from my family to yours xxx