Friday, 25 July 2014

Some huge hearts..

Wow has it really been such a long time since i wrote? Life takes over sometimes and 24 hours in a day is not enough..

Well i have so much to tell you but first let me start by introducing you to some wonderful friends of mine
What to say about How and the amazing team?? Goodness, im lost for words....
Lets try Selfless, Huge hearts, Loving, Friendly, Caring, Honest, Empathetic, Fun..... Ohhhh, so much FUN!!!
Being introduced to How's Founder ~ Hillary Brown back in 2011... An amazing women with a pure of heart vision. She helped me out on a number of occasions with families suffering the effects of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) whether it be with advice or pointing out someone in the medical field to assist in remote povity stricken countries.
Here is a little about Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW):

Picture Founded in 2007, Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW), is a non-profit organization committed to providing hope, health and security to abused, abandoned and neglected people living in deprived areas of the world. Our work has so far taken us to Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam and the Philippines, where we work to improve the lives of needy people using a hands-on, grass roots approach to affect positive change. Here, we have found children who have fallen through the cracks of humanity ... people who do not fit into the "categories" of those being helped by worldwide organizations. It is these forgotten people that HOW searches for. It is these orphaned and abandoned, that we help.
"We envision a world where all people – even in the most remote areas of the globe – have the resources to  believe  in themselves, the education to reach for their dreams and the resources to continue this cycle and do so with transparency, responsibility and honesty"

Mid 2013 i realised that i could actually help How's EB children in such a huge way by donating wound care supplies that they otherwise would have to do without. I set about this at once and with the help of the EB community worldwide and the public, so far we have donated well over £50.000 worth of valuable dressings. I am now due to fly over to Vietnam in October taking with me in excess of £35,000 of wound care/medical supplies, meeting with children and educating Carers/Parents/Grandparents on how best to use the supplies. Seeing with my own eyes where the donations have been used and how much they have changed a childs life. An emotional trip but the world needs to see the truth.... All will be blogged RIGHT HERE daily, so be sure to subscribe...

Some other amazing friends you need to meet are these beautiful ladies
Going above and beyond for all children around the world who have Epidermolysis Bullosa. Im honoured to have them at our side in raising funds for the children of Vietnam and awareness for the plight at hand. Honest, Loving, Caring, Transparent and a joy to be friends with...
Here's a little about their work:
 EB Butterfly Children is a Fundraising organization arranging events to raise much needed funds. We are here to give you reliable information on EB and offer support to families affected with this condition.
Katja has always been taken away by the beauty of the art of photography. How one moment, one feeling, can be captured by a still camera and treasured forever, bringing you back to that exact moment every time you look at it.
After the birth of her twin boys it was unavoidable that she would pursue this hobby, no mother ever wants to miss any second of her growing babies and Katja was determined to do it properly. 
Katja is also the aunt of a beautiful Butterfly Child, Si’Nayia. Founding EB Butterfly Children Malta Fundraising Organization in 2012 together with two personal friends of her Anki Ellul and Maria Spiteri it was only natural that Butterfly Children Photography needed to be born. 
Butterfly Children Photography offers private photography sessions around Malta with all payments for her work donated to EB Butterfly Children Malta – Fundraising Organization
Please assist our friends in all aspects of their work, their fund raising, their vision. Im proud to say i stand side by side with each of them.

Fund raising events are in progress to assist with the cost of this trip and purchasing medical items needed for the children. If your in a position to donate, donate wound care, or raffle prizes for gala events then use the following link:
or email me at:

Many many thanks!!

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