Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Having been home from Vietnam for one week i thought it time to explain MY feelings. Its been difficult to process my emotions but i know one thing for sure....Life is Precious!!!

Cliche i know, but when people say a journey has changed them... Its true! I think differently, I see things in a new light, but my heart still hurts and desperately wants to do more...

Im not a great flyer, my kids roll their eyes and often make jokes about noises as we are jetting down the run way to take off. Making me feel sick, but all the while knowing its their way of lightening a stressful moment for me. Oh, yeh but mainly cos they find it so funny too lol!
The strange thing was on my journey home, sat on that flight at Hanoi... I felt nothing! No nerves, no panic attack, no wanting to grip the hell out of the arm rests like normal (or the old guy sat next to me). Unsure why but i felt completely numb, taking off down the run way and lifting off into the clouds. Absolutely nothing.. Did i leave my heart in Vietnam?! Maybe....


Spending time with Hillary & Quyen was amazing, they are both such cute ladies with hearts of gold. You really should check out ALL of the program's runs. Take a peep! Amazing work being done in many forms with the biggest of impacts for those in need!

My trip was all about Epidermolysis Bullosa (Eb) but we took a little time out to meet with other people who have coped with the worst imaginable fates. Ms Han for example, she was 8 months pregnant and got hit by a truck about 2 years ago. Losing her precious baby AND losing her leg right up to her hip...

We were welcomed into their home, meeting all the family. Such beautiful, kind hearted people! Ms Han showed me all her wounds she had sustained in the accident. I often had to just stop speaking..... even in the middle of a sentence....Chocking up, tears in my eyes at how brave this women was. Christ, i now felt a MASSIVE sense of guilt. I whinge for the smallest things, and make drama over things i know WILL be fixed. Here was this teeny tiny women, smiling, offering us tea and food, whilst telling us about her life & dreams for the future. Not a religious person but i pray good things come to this women..


Group Faith has around 30 members, all volunteers. 

Group Faith are an amazing group and they heard about Ms Han's accident and set about helping. In one week they raised enough money to get her a bionic leg & rehab, which you can see in the photo's. When i met her, she had been walking for just 1 week...... Such a privilege to meet with her, the family and listen to her words. Again please remember just how LIFE IS PRECIOUS!!!!

Khoa Sẹo

Khoa is a journalist and a member of Group Faith. He totally went out of his way to take us to meet with Ms Han and visit some temples. His kindness shines like the sun!! A wonderful man, sharing his involvement with the group, and his life. Most of the photo's you see, he took. Thank you Khoa.

Phuc Tien Nguyen

Phuc is an eye doctor that came across Eb a number of years ago. Educating himself so he was able to assist our Eb community in Vietnam. Greatness has come from his help!! All our donated wound care allocated for Vietnam goes to him & Group Faith who then distribute around the families based on needs. We as a team would be lost without him. Thank you Phuc for everything you do! 
Oh i should also congratulate you again on the birth of TWINS the day we arrived in Hai Phong.... but you still came out late at night to welcome us!


Im quite a private person normally, my life is kept behind closed doors and my work is usually done behind the scenes but since this trip, i feel the need to share more & more....

Epidermolysis Bullosa (Eb) has become part of my daily routine this last few years. Its such a great feeling to know even the smallest thing you do has made a massive impact on someone else. 

Most people think i just sit on Facebook and say 'hi' to a few families. So far from the truth!!

In 6 years i have educated myself on every single aspect of Eb from research to dressings. Im learning more & more everyday and if i cant answer a question...I seek an answer! Never have i left someone alone, struggling in a situation. Eb is a scary journey, but with support & love, hopefully it wont feel as bad. 

I created the EB Lounge(s) on Facebook so families from around the world were never alone. I have help from admins but i monitor them daily which is a hard task. On top of that, i am always searching out Wound Care donations to ensure our families around the world always have a monthly supply. Maintaining supplies, creating spread sheets so i know what we are short of and arranging shipping for each parcel i have packed.
The Butterfly Network Here2Help i run alone, for me its easier as the Wound Care Program is so complex. Can not afford mistakes as they can not be fixed once those parcels leave me. Its like a one chance scenario, one chance to get the wound care delivered to each family in the shortest amount of time!! 

Meeting some of the families who benefit from YOUR wound care donations has shown me just how important this program is. Each family was so grateful, holding my hand, hugging me etc.... Please know i accepted each one on YOUR behalf because YOU are the reason they get the supplies. 

 Please keep supporting the 'Wound Care Program', Changing lives together!!

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