Thursday, 29 March 2012

Meet my crew :)

 Dannielle, my eldest daughter. Such a handful and after last nights fiasco she is grounded indefinatly lol. We can only bring them up at our best ability and hope that they take the correct path. For some reason she keeps taking back roads?!?!
 My girls & me, they are completely my life!! Everything i do, i do for them. In fact im starting to feel quite old looking at this photo lol...But anyway this is my crew :)
Now this little angel, god you would all love her to bits. She is funny, cute, loving and such a pleasure to parent.....Well so far lol. My bubs!!

Both of my girls are profoundly deaf for those who didnt know, deaf since birth due to a dominant gene passed on by their father. Most people say... Awwwww or what a shame cos they are so pretty...Look at it this way, they know no different so for them its normal. Both have Cochlear Implants which do help to an extent but they are just normal kids who want to be treated normal.
So glad i was chosen to be their momma!!

Much love x

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