Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Please HELP Logan & Cassie.........

 Please read this heart-breaking story:-

A parent's struggle to make his daughter's painful life more comfortable.

The only way Logan and his kids are going to get any much needed attention is if we keep sharing this story. I am so happy to see it has reached over 1600 people, but I know as a team, we can quadruple that- at least! Share it-re-post it-Like it-subscribe to it...You'll help an amazing family who deserves it so much and more than anyone I know! Thank you

UPDATE: In a whiplash-inducing turn of events, we are home. Due to a variety of factors that I'll detail when I'm not exhausted, our team decided that the risk of the PICC line outweighed the benefits at this time. We think that this infection might not have reached her blood yet and that she might be able to fight this off with wound care. But on the advice of our hematologist, hospice will now be involved in Cassie's care. Thank you everyone for the prayers, calls, texts, support




URGENT ~ Logan & Cassie are in NEED

As you may have heard Cassie is very unwell and was taken to the ER
Our Lady of the lake childrens hospital
5000 Hennessy Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70808
 room 3240
She is being kept in for 7-10days

she's too swollen for them to find another iv site. But her white count is okay, so it looks like she's not septic yet. Hemoglobin was 7.9, Albumin 1.1 and pre Albumin 6.
Cassie is getting a picc line probably on Monday. She's too swollen to find a place to get a line in.
If anyone close by could help with any of the following please contact Logan, myself OR visit/send the hospital at above address

Well, our needs are financial, or meals brought to my house for Lilly Kirsten Manuel to feed the boys while we are here. 
I would really love a very very large thermos and Cassie would be thrilled with dvds or games for her DSi.

Any help would be greatful.......

Logan England of Baton Rouge, LA has so far 3565 Votes........This is approx 10,000 votes behind the leader. 

Please please please can we each vote daily!

A whole list of codes to use for voting, use a different code each day for your votes to count five times!: 

789, 881, 973, 974, 889, 972, 816, 813, 812

My daughter Cassie is 15 years old and has a genetic disorder called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. This disorder causes the skin not to have anchoring fibrils which hold the layers together. Any friction or pressure on her skin can leave large blisters, or shear the skin off completely. Cassie's fingers have fused together, her knees are contracted, and walking is incredibly painful for her. Despite living in near constant pain Cassie is bright, talented, creative, and loves to hang out with her friends, go to the movies, and be like other girls her age.

Like all 15 year old girls, Cassie would love the independence of being able to use her electric wheelchair to get out of the house and participate in activities. Her electric wheelchair has multiple advantages over the push chair that she currently uses. Her electric wheelchair tilts to elevate her legs, alleviating edema in her legs and feet, it allows her the freedom to move around somewhat independently, and it allows her to participate in activities without having to move to other seating and risking injury to her skin.

It has special padded seats to keep shearing force on her skin to a minimum. She is currently unable to use her electric wheelchair outside of the home because of the need for a full size van to transport it to church, the mall, and to other activities. Having a van would open the world up to Cassie again. It would allow her some normalcy and fun in a life that is often very difficult for a fragile young woman to endure.

Lets pull together as a community and HELP this wonderful family............

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