Friday, 24 April 2015

Arrived in Vietnam

After a very long journey to get here, I finally arrived in hai phong, Vietnam. 

Meeting Hillary Brown (Helping Orphans Worldwide, HOW) at the airport. 
And Mai Ha Quyen too. She is such a darling and will be my interpreter for the trip. 
On arrival at the hotel we were met by the Doctor, phuc & some of the faith group. Their welcome of us was amazing!!! Can not thank them enough for the flowers and kindness.

Was such an honour to meet them all and more so the doctor as his wife just have birth to twins that morning!! A healthy boy & girl. Congratulations to them both.

Last night jet lag was so bad but we had to fight through it. Went for a walk as my leg is swollen from flying so much. Myself & Hillary went to find food. Sat with a group at an outside cafe, such lovely welcoming people here!! By 10pm I had to sleep, I felt like I was floating!!! Peaceful nights rest and ready for today...

Much love x


wood pecker said...

Glad you arrived safely and all is well , they seem really welcoming!

wood pecker said...

Hi Sue, not used to commenting on these blogs lol woodpecker is Lindsey Devons xx