Sunday, 26 April 2015

Meeting our Eb Families

Wow where do I start?! Today was a whirl wind of time & emotions. But 7 Eb children & their families came to see us, chat and give advice. They all looked so amazing!! Their families have been doing a fantastic job, I had to keep telling them this because they really needed to know that!!
They each had different issues, one was very thick nails which looked ready to fall off and his foot was so painful with wounds. I assisted in dressing his foot in Mepilex & Tubifast from the donations. He cried so much but it was because I had scissors and he thought I was going to cut him... This made me tear up. I had to constantly smile and reassure him I wasn't here to hurt him. 
I noticed a little later, he was walking much better and actually smiled at me which was so amazing!!!
Another little guy had severe wounds on his tummy area, his father was concerned. Upon checking him his jeans were far too tight and he also had underwear that was digging in his skin so much..... I asked him if he wished to try my special clothes... Very unsure but he agreed. I took him with his father to a private room as he was very shy. 
After putting the skinnies on him, oh the smile across his face..... It would have lit up ANY room!!!!!! 
He said, in English, Thank You, Cool... And I even got a high 5! This totally made my day...
He even allowed me to bring him out and show everyone, all the time he was smiling. He spoke to everyone and said they made him feel good. This is what YOUR donations are doing right now. Allowing Eb children to feel good!!! 
Such a darling. He followed me everywhere smiling after this! 
We gave out wound care, showed them where & how to use each piece. 
Everyone went home with arms full which was just beautiful. They asked many questions about teeth, mouth blisters, diet, but from how their butterflies look they are already doing an amazing job. With YOUR wound care donations they will be just fine!! They now know when they need more supplies they can just ask Dr Phuc who is part of Group Faith and we will try to ensure they have all they need. So please please keep these little ones in your thoughts before you choose to throw away unwanted supplies. We are their lifeline!!! 
Between Group Faith, Helping Orphans Worldwide and The Butterfly Network Here2Help their future is very bright at the moment. Please help us to help them x

I am waiting on many photos from today so will share as soon as I get them. 8am Tmro I will leave Hai Phong and head for an Orphange near Hanoi. Meeting an orphaned little girl with Eb. 
So please keep following and thank you for all your support, love and kindness for the worldwide Eb Community. 
Much love xx

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